August 20, 2020

Interactive Graphs: COVID19 Cases, Deaths. (updated daily)

Here are graphs that you can adjust to look at different timelines for cases of illness and deaths for any country. I have embedded iFrame code in this posting to give you graphs that you can control. Table and MAP views are also available. You can return here as the data updates automatically. 

You can click on the +Add country button to change the countries shown on the plot. At the bottom of the graphs, you can move the ends of the blue slider to change the range of dates. Tabs give you views of data in table or MAP formats.

This first graph shows the confirmed COVID19 cases in various countries:

This graph shows the total confirmed deaths per country from COVID19:

Would you like some other countries plotted here in active-graphs? If so, please post a request to me on twitter @kpmitton and ask. I would also be happy to help generate a graph for you with the data you wish to view. I use the data services of Our World in Data. You can too.

Ken Mitton
The Science Rant

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