September 4, 2014

2013 Cloud Dangers in Your Digital Life... continue in 2014

Happy holidays. If you have a new smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer, and you are busy linking all your devices to automatically syncronize your music, pictures, and work files, then read and share this blog post. Your digital life can be erased in seconds using the cloud. Clouds and iClouds may seem fluffy and nice, but both have their dangers. New pilots get Visual Flight Rules licenses: control of your aircraft requires visual reference to the horizon. VRF pilots should NEVER FLY INTO CLOUDS. Without more training, the average VFR pilot will get their aircraft into a spiral-dive in about 15 minutes. Your computing "Cloud" can also take you into a digital spiral-dive with its new vulnerability to hacking that you should be aware of. Imagine all your files on all your devices getting deleted.