April 24, 2014

Learn about Stem Cells and Macular Degeneration

Amsler Grid. Cover one eye and look at the dot in the center of this grid.  Click on the image to see it in larger size. If you do not have  AMD related damage to your central vision then all the lines should look straight and parallel. If they look bent or curvy, or parts of the grid are broken or covered by dark spots, then you should go and see an eye doctor for a look at your retina

Age Related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, affects the most important vision we have. Our central vision, our detailed vision. The vision we use to read, see faces of who we are talking to, and for driving. Thus, AMD is devastating to our normal lifestyle and we really have no cures for this condition yet. AMD is a condition related to aging itself and its occurrence and progress is somewhat complicated. Environmental factors influence our risk of this disease, such as smoking. Also, there is a genetic factor for many who suffer this condition. We have found, in the last decade, that some genetic variants of several genes tend to increase the risk of AMD.

April 14, 2014

Science of Customer Service: how companies live or die by this fundamental principal.

Customer service. 

We hear about it all the time, we experience bad customer service most often, and we remember good customer service when we experience it... as customers. What has always confused me, as a logical minded scientist, is how obvious it is to me that excellent customer service must be a corner stone for any company that wants to exist past the first year of sales beyond its first time customers. That is, when the company or product is simply the new kid on the block. 

April 12, 2014

Heartbleed Computer Web Site Virus

When you use your web browser to login at websites then your computer or smartphone is using Open SSL to send encrypted passwords and user names.

This week we learned about the heartbleed computer virus that allows hackers to steal this information as you communicate with websites.

If you get email from websites you use that warn you they were vulnerable to the heartbleed virus, then go to the website and change your password. 

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, uou can also get a free app from google play store that will check the version of Open SSL on your device. Use the link below.

Open SSL tester for Android.


The app is free and small size. My phone's Open SSL is not a compromised version.

Ken Mitton

Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes: what you can do to avoid it? Start with Sugar.

Metabolic Syndrome starts when you are young. Too Much Sugar Man!

In your 30s, 40s or 50s and overweight? If so, you could be on your way to developing diabetes, heart disease, and atherosclerosis. You are also increasing your overall risk for developing various cancers, but the diabetes and circulatory problems are the big risks you need to worry about.

April 8, 2014

The Science of What Women Like on the Dance Floor.

I recommend this Washington Post article to all men who think they are killing on the dance floor. Maybe your body moves are not as impressive to women as you think? Are you moving your left lower leg more than your right lower leg? If so, you may be dancing on thin ice with the lady across from you.

Study this article well and good luck if you are hitting the club scene this weekend.

Read all about it here, at the Washington Post:

What women want on the dance floor, according to science

Ladies are welcome to read the article too, and everyone is free to get a good chuckle.


Dr Mitton :)