March 20, 2016

When Politicians Hide Science: bad stuff happens

Flint’s legacy may include dramatic expansion of public records law.

Read about a bipartisan effort in the Michigan state gov't. Will it go anywhere?

via @BridgeMichigan

Officials in the Michigan Governor's office sent emails to each other literally noting in the message that they were not copying to the MDEQ ( Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) because MDEQ email was subject to the Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA) But only two States of our Union currently exempt the Governor's office from FOIA requests. You guessed it, Michigan is one of them.

Ah. Science reality. Like gravity is gravity, lead in your Kid's drinking water is lead in your Kid's brain.

Time to stop being yellow and stop burying heads in the sand if you want the trust of the people? Keeping gravity a secret would not have stopped Newton from getting "beaned by the apple good" as REM sang.

Its time for transparency in Michigan.