July 21, 2014

Apollo 11. Man on Moon 45th Anniversary

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July 20 USA. July 21 UK.

#Apollo45 My #Apollo11 aluminum coin from 1969. Crew and #Lunar Module sides. It travels with me all the time.

Lunar coin

July 11, 2014

SUPERMOON Baby!! Its Lunalicious!

Super Moon. 

The first of three this summer is this Saturday.  

Full moon combined with a close orbit to earth.

Read more about Supermoons at NASA. Just click the link below.


July 6, 2014

BLACKBERRY 's Bounce Back. Secure Messaging of New Z3 Loved in Asia.

Blackberry phones were the defacto business phone of choice for well over a decade due to their handy QUERTY  keyboard and a secure messaging system.
As smartphones became sources of entertainment, the company failed to be ready for an entirely new marketplace. Apple and then Android have almost wiped BB off the map.

AND THEN..........Mr Snowden caused a year of shock and revelation about our land of the free and the brave..USA... spying, sucking up, and storing phone user data as if George Orwell was just 30 years too early in 1984 but otherwise bang on about "Big Brother ".

Now Blackberry has a low cost and excellent little smartphone called the Z3 and the company has not dumped their own software to just become another Android phone. This is now paying off with some stability for BB and a regrowing user base in Asian markets. Where better to be? The next half century will be large growth in Asian economies.

So, what are they saying about Blackberry now in India? Read the article below in Asian Age to get a good idea.
Android and iOS are popular systems but they are not secure communication devices. On the other hand, guess who has offered secure communication since the 90's with their own servers to back the phones? You guessed it. Blackberry.

Maybe Blackberry should nickname their next OS something catchy, just like Apple and Google do. Maybe "SNOWDEN" ?  ;)

I also recommend this great article by Anand Parthasarathy, posted online in "Asian Age".