July 31, 2016

Still My Free Ap for Sports News of all Kinds.


Free sports information App for Android based phones and tablets, including Kindle Fires, Samsung etc. 

I make and provide this App for free. It will link you to sports information of all kinds including for the Olympic games but also for Special Olympics and Paralympics and even local kids sports of many kinds. 

If your phone memory is pressed for space, I have also left this App simple enough to keep it low memory. Its a relatively small App file. 

I have made sure that my App has NO POP UP Ads and NO BANNER Ads.

If you would like to see a menu item added for a sports information website, you can always comment here or email me with your suggestion. 

This App has always been one of my little free social connection experiments. So please repost this information in your own blogs or facebook, tweet it. And if you do  so....


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Remember, make Love, Sports, and not war.

Ken Mitton
A Professor and vision scientist at Oakland University.

July 28, 2016

Vision Science Student Research at the ERI

Read in OU News online.

Summer Undergraduate Research in labs funded by the National Eye Institute / National Institutes of Health, the Vision Research ROPARD Foundation, and OU's Center for Biomedical Research.

Read here: SUPER Program

July 25, 2016

Last Flight Solar Impulse NOW

Last solar charge on the Round-the-World for @solarimpulse before the expected landing at 22:00UTC.

That is 18:00 US Eastern Standard Time. (Detroit, Montreal, New York, Atlanta, Miami). 15:00 US Pacific Time. (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, LA)

I have followed this team and aircraft for many months as one of the community sponsors of a solar cell on its port wing. Cell #3668.


You can monitor the final linking flight here..


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Its time to be good to the land, water and air if not for us, then for our Children's Children. It has to be done with our generation now.

Ken Mitton, PhD FARVO
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Eye Research Institute
Oakland University
Rochester MI

July 23, 2016

Around the World Flight by Solar Power

Our sponsored solarcell #3668 last leg "Solar Impulse Airplane - Bertrand Piccard's takeoff from Cairo" on YouTube https://t.co/ZhiISmO3DR


July 12, 2016

Solar Impulse Aircraft on the Way to Egypt Now

#SolarImpulse is the16th Leg from Spain to Egypt. First flight morning over the sea.  Our little sponsored Solar
Cell is on its second last flight leg around the world.

See the Solar Impulse website:


July 6, 2016

Simple Tech.

No power needed lab recipes. Good buffers just need to be mixed correctly. Eye, courtesy Dr Mitton's Sister.

No power needed lab recipes. Good buffers just need to be mixed correctly. Eye, courtesy Dr Mitton's Sister.



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July 3, 2016

Updated: World Sports Navigator July 3 2016

The free ap to follow all sports information is still free and still free of pop up ads.

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