July 31, 2016

Still My Free Ap for Sports News of all Kinds.


Free sports information App for Android based phones and tablets, including Kindle Fires, Samsung etc. 

I make and provide this App for free. It will link you to sports information of all kinds including for the Olympic games but also for Special Olympics and Paralympics and even local kids sports of many kinds. 

If your phone memory is pressed for space, I have also left this App simple enough to keep it low memory. Its a relatively small App file. 

I have made sure that my App has NO POP UP Ads and NO BANNER Ads.

If you would like to see a menu item added for a sports information website, you can always comment here or email me with your suggestion. 

This App has always been one of my little free social connection experiments. So please repost this information in your own blogs or facebook, tweet it. And if you do  so....


Check out World Sports Navigator on Google Play:

Remember, make Love, Sports, and not war.

Ken Mitton
A Professor and vision scientist at Oakland University.

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