September 7, 2013

Replacement for iDisk and iWeb Services: Alternative Websites and Cloud Services

What Dr Mitton and many many thousdands of other 
humans saw July 1 in place of their websites hosted 
in mobile me :(

[Published originally on July 14, 2012 and Updated on Sept., 7, 2013].

Are you a former iDisk user, Apple's former version of the "cloud" that provided you with a remote place to store and share all kinds of files? Not only your music, pictures, and movies, but also any file you desired? I used the iDisk since it began in 2000/2001. File sharing, backup of laboratory management files and my websites were all served in that iDisk system. Now, like you, I had to find alternatives when Apple suddenly announced they would replace the iDisk with iCloud. The problem with that was that iCloud does not let you store all of your files (i.e. WORD docs), and it cannot provide web-server functions (serving out your htm/html files to web browsers). Here is my recipe for successful replacements for iCloud's short falls: remote file storage, file sharing and web server.