November 29, 2014

Toys! Missing LEGO Bricks? Easy to replace at LegoLand

LEGO is the most popular toy for kids in this shopping season. If your child's favorite kit is missing any bricks, the solution is simple: get them replaced at the LEGO website. LEGOland can save the day for you Mom and Dad. Here is how...

November 20, 2014

Just how does this Sun, Earth heating thing work anyway?

How does the whole climate scene, earth's temperature changes, the Sun's radiant heat, the green house gas effect and more work anyway? Why should we care to know?

For one thing, the physics of how and why our Earth has the temperature patterns that it has are not secret. They are actually not very complicated and they are not questionable. The physics is as well understood as the force of gravity. We understand, at our space agencies, gravity well enough that a small space craft could be launched ten years ago to meet up with a comet and go into orbit around it and even get a small lander onto that comet. The physics of our planet's temperature and the way our oceans and lands and atmosphere interact with the Sun's irradiant light are well understood from theoretical models as well as real observations to confirm that theory using satellite data. 

One of the best and complete explanations of how this works is found in the link below at NASA's Earth Observatory website. The illustrations are excellent, and anyone can feel the logic, the reality and the science reading all about it. Basically, it works likes like this: 

November 13, 2014

Nurses - brave, under appreciated, too easy to pick on during Ebola in the US. Shame on us.

Rick Mercer. A favorite Canadian son, uses humor to make observations and good points about our society and politics when things should be said and everyone is too afraid to do so. He has a great show on CBC television every Tuesday night and played again on Fridays at the end of the busy week. Rick always includes his rant walking monologue commentary each week. A bit annoyed that some US Nurses were being treated so badly as they came back from Africa or actually suffered through Ebola themselves after caring for sick patients, Mr. Mercer gave this rant. All about just how brave and respected Nurses are, and how doing anything to them other than just thanking them with respect is just…wrong. Watch the video below that Rick Mercer has on YouTube.