November 29, 2014

Toys! Missing LEGO Bricks? Easy to replace at LegoLand

LEGO is the most popular toy for kids in this shopping season. If your child's favorite kit is missing any bricks, the solution is simple: get them replaced at the LEGO website. LEGOland can save the day for you Mom and Dad. Here is how...

If its just one or two bricks, you can even just try calling LEGO for help. They will find you the bricks you need. Often they just send them to keep your child happy and playing for years to come.

Have some old kits missing parts? You can match items on the website by description, type, color, pictures and even the part number (ID #) for each part. They are usually listed in the instructions. 

Lost the instructions? You can get PDF versions of those on the LEGO website too. If still not finding what you need, CALL them.

They have always helped my Wife find what we needed. They have some of the best customer service around.

Just use the pick-a-brick part of the LEGO website here:

Happy construction.


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