February 28, 2016

The Who...Sound Science for a Scientist.

These fellows got me through high school. Guitars turned out to be my drug of choice, and I figured a tiny guy like me better keep and use his brain to get somewhere. So, very scientific choice for a future scientist. I mostly discovered the who in junior high, helping file records away in the CHCL 1450AM record library, where Mom and Dad were volunteer DJs. Cold Lake, Grand Centre, Alberta.

There was a wall bin unit in the 45 library with a stack of 100 singles for each year since the late 50s. Over a the next year, i listened to every one. One year at a time. In early 60s, i put My Generation on the library turntable, headphones on. Those big ones that enclose your ears.

Later The Kids Are Alright movie came out too, and I had my parents order the soundtrack. Radio stations could see lists of release dates and order vinyl weeks before a store in the big city (Edmonton) would get them.

Awesome. The science of sound.

Dr Mitton listening to #TheWho ... Behind Blue @eyeresearchers. ;) @OaklandU https://t.co/skgEXjsFIv https://twitter.com/kpmitton/status/703824562157260800

February 1, 2016

Depression and Stress in College Students is Common: Its not just you.

Read a bit about depression in college students in my other blog at Wordpress. Over 50% of college students experience depression or problems from stress in their first few years of college. If that is you, it was me too, and you are not alone.

Read more here at the blog on my website at KenMitton.com :