June 20, 2012

The Android Trilogy Part C) The right Aps

(Updated 6/20, New Ap Discussions below: Dolphin and DropBox)
(This is the third posting in my ABC's of Android:  A) The right gear, B) the right provider and data plan, and C) the right "Aps". You can find parts A and B posted previous to this one. Comments are welcome, even encouraged. Ken Mitton)

C) The right Aps.

When you get Aps for your smart phone, I recommend that you stick with the Google Play application to read about and download the latest Aps you want to try. This is the Google Ap site, now named "Google Play". If you do not know already, you should also be aware that your phone has two areas of memory that you can use to store and run your programs. There is memory on your phone's mother board, and there is memory on removable SD memory cards. Your phone may have come with a 2-Gigabyte microSD card, but I highly recommend going to Walmart or Bestbuy and getting a cheap 8-Gigabyte microSD card. More if you wish. You can have your phones camera/photo gallery software store your pics and movies on the SD card. You can also move installed Aps to the SD card memory. This is important, because most smart phones are made with insufficient internal memory. The problem arises when some Aps are not able to run unless they only installed in the phone's main internal memory.