July 19, 2019

State AGs Taking Generic Drug Manufacturers to Court for Collusion to Raise the Costs Prescription Drugs.

A few weeks ago, over 40 State Attorney Generals launched a class-action lawsuit against most of the generic-drug manufacturers who have been colluding to increase the costs of otherwise old drugs. Over 9-thousand percent in some cases! Do you take Doxycycline for your skin? Insulin for your diabetes? You are a victim of this greed. Why are American Moms joining Insulin Caravans to London, Ontario, Canada to get Insulin for their children? 

July 17, 2019

APOLLO 11 TRACKER Update 24 July 11:50 am EST: Splashdown completed.

Come with me, and follow in real-time (50 years ago) what is/was going on with the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon. You can get these reference books today if you are a NASA fan like me. I also have my Buzz Aldrin NASA Ball Cap on. These books were news reference books published by NASA. They were in the hands of Walter Cronkite and his coworkers and they are great for nerds like me. 

I was about seven when I watched every moment on our black & white TV. Read the papers. Listened on the radio. Apollo missions and living on RCAF bases, plus Mr. Spock, got me interested in science. So, here is "The Science Rant Apollo-11 Tracker". Posted here in real-time, 50 years ago now today. Check this blog post as I update it. We are heading towards Saturday, July 20th for a planned landing time at 20:15 GMT (8pm)  16:00 EST (4pm) 13:00 PST (1pm). Check out the audio and video links I will sprinkle in. Many were not broadcast in 1969. 
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