September 14, 2018

Green-House Gas Effect and Global Warming 101

Welcome to a simple experiment in global warming. This experiment class will teach you about the way carbon dioxide causes the earth to get warmer and why the amount of extra carbon dioxide we Humans are making is tweeking that temperature to rise higher. It is not debatable, and as a matter of fact, it is as clear as the Sun, Earth and the Moon. If you believe these three heavenly bodies exist, then you have proof of global warming's link to greenhouse gasses. Why? Read on.... because today is MOONDAY!
What is MOONDAY? Simple, on moonday, the earth and the moon are exactly the same distance from the SUN. On average, the Earth and Moon are the same distance from the sun over the year.

So, why is the Earth so much warmer than the Moon? The Moon is -3°F, while our Earth is 59°F. That is what gasses like carbon dioxide in our atmosphere do for us, way out here at 92 Million miles from the Sun. That infrared in Sunlight gets trapped and absorbed into our atmosphere by greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide. We currently are up to 3.2 trillion tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. That is 410 parts per million by volume. Or just 0.041% of our atmosphere. That tiny percentage, 0.041% is greatly responsible for keeping Earth over 50°F warmer than we would be otherwise.

Human activity, burning stuff, dumps 40-billion (0.04 trillion) tons of extra carbon dioxide into the air each year. That is a tiny shift in percentage, but larger over 10 years, which would be about 0.4 trillion tons added. 0.4 trillion is a significant fraction of the total 3.2 trillion. That is over a 10% increase factor. So we bump up that infrared-absorbing ability of greenhouse gasses.

That is not debatable. It is not an opinion nor just a hypothesis any more than the fact that gravity causes us to collide with the ground. Gravity does that. If you do not believe me, take just one flying lesson.

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