January 6, 2018

On the pathway to having to teach your own kids: Teacher Shortages in all States as Americans treat teachers so bad.

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Welcome to education as we enter year 2 of the Trump DeVos era. 

Apparently, Americans treat teachers so bad, soon they will have to teach their own kids! Do you have kids about to go to school? Thinking about starting your own Family? As Parents, you need to do something in 2018 that was not usually much of a worry 20 years ago. Plan where you will live and work in the United States to get your children through K-12. 

Why may you be struggling to educate your kids in 2018 and beyond is clear for K-12 education. American's seem to have no concern about the fact that their State governments are cutting support for public school systems and their funding. At least Americans do not seem to be phoning up their representatives to tell them they want their education systems kept strong. 

The Teacher shortage:

Yes, and its now moving to impact all 50 states. Many states now have too few teachers. Some states are rapidly lowering their teacher certification requirements so you do not even need a college degree to teach. So if you live in Minnesota, aren't you lucky! Yep, that is one of the States lowering the bar for who gets to teach your Kids in K-12. But, I suppose if you are rich enough you can just go pay a private school, right?


Just left the state to get a better job! Shawn Sheenan did everything he could think of, even ran for a seat in the Oklahoma State Government. So did 39 other teachers, but only 5 were successful. The State government continued to slash cash for K-12 in the State. They just blame the teachers for their education problems, not the out of date textbooks, slashed support staff. Reality is that not many Americans can afford to work full time for only just over $31,000 and actually have their own Family. So Mr. Sheenan and his wife, also a teacher, have moved to Texas and their combined household pay will rise about $40,000. 

Read more about Student Suicide Investigation; and DeVos Proposes New Student Loan Rules to make it harder for students to get money back when defrauded by for profit colleges. 
See the NRP education report below. 

Good luck out there if you have K-12 kids. Maybe start thinking about which one of you, will be staying home to teach your kids? Better plan for the worst.

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