January 31, 2015

Smiling Science: your first impression of a face.

Why do you need to smile and look bit happy to make a likeable first impression?

Hey I have a smile on my Facebook page and here in this Tim Hortons coffee shop even though I am reading about Tyrosine kinase mechanisms.

Find out the answer on Science Friday.

We listened to @SciFri Science Friday this week and do every Friday in the Mitton lab and PRRL. Its mandatory radio education if you want to hang with this gene man and do research.

Ask Austen, OU/WB Med-1 researcher. She set up her TNF alpha gene expression assays of human retinal endothelial cells on our Science Friday lab bench. On its top shelf is my old boombox tuned to NPR. Its older than Austen!

Also they covered: Robot Rules, Future of Money, Athlete Body Clock, Video Pick

Listen to Ira Flato on NPR.


Making laws for drones and robots, a look at next-gen payment systems, how circadian rhythms affect sports performance, and a video about face judgments.

Be your own scientist...

Dr Mitton

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