February 22, 2012

Bacteria in Regular versus Silver-Impregnated Contact Lens Cases

A recent research study reported in IOVS (Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, a peer reviewed science journal) examined the numbers of bacteria found in regular contact lens storage cases versus silver impregnated cases. The researchers also compared the effects of keeping the cases wet or dry between uses.

     Researchers concluded that:

1) silver impregnated cases were almost as often contaminated with bacteria as regular cases (71% versus 82%), however, the actual numbers of gram negative bacteria were substantially reduced in the silver impregnated cases

2) additionally, they found that storing the cases wet were superior to storing them dry for either type of case, if your desire is to reduce the overall numbers of bacteria.
There you go, some science to apply to your everyday life, all my contact lens wearing friends.

Good luck, I gave up on contact lenses after my Fencing days in college.  I will stick with my glasses for now, I have bifocals these days anyway :) . 
A link to the paper’s abstract in IOVS is below:


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