No Pesticides Lawns and Edible Dandelions

We don't kill dandelions at our house. We like all kinds of flowers and I still like to blow those dandelion fluff-seeds and watch them float on the wind. I like a new high spring growth of grass and broad-leaves before the first cutting with a Scott's push mower. These manual mowers are no harder to push than a gas engine mower because the later are so heavy. The gas mowers also rip grass violently while the push manual mower cuts grass blades like scissors. More gently, more clean cut.
We cut our grass leaving it taller than most lawns around us and thus more drought resistant. So no need to install and maintain a watering system. The mix of grasses and natural broad-leaves are more resistant to root grubs who chow down-under on manicured lawns of bluegrass.

I want clover and I like the mosses on the shady lawn at the side of our home too. Birds chirp in our heavily flowered crab apple tree and honey bees go about their business. The blossoms are dropping petals like a snow on the lawn and my Yaris (car), which fly off my car as drive away like they are spread at some wedding.

Who needs chemicals for their yard? Who wants to look at a flat, monotonous, golf green that is not actually used for golf or lawn bowling?
Not us.

From downtown Rochester Michigan ....yes Downtown...

Ken Mitton

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