What You Need to Know about Preparation for Active Shooters at Your Kid's College Campus

This past week there was a lot of confusion suddenly erupting in social media and in particular many conservative media outlets about hockey pucks being given to students and faculty at Oakland University to "throw at shooters". Descriptions were of students and faculty roaming the hallways like Marines, to attack bad guys with hockey pucks. Unfortunately, many of these media outlets, like Fox News, failed to actually report the true story, which they could have read about some weeks earlier (October 23) in the Oakland Post Online.
(OU professors raise money to improve campus safety)

That is what happens when you re-re-re-report and fail to check the original source yourself or actually try to interview the people involved in getting the pucks. That would be a process called good journalism. Some news organizations did a much better job, even the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) bothered to interview Tom Discenna, the current President of the Oakland University chapter of the American Association of University Professors. Why? Because the hockey pucks were the idea of Tom and our current union executive. (Full disclosure: I am a regular member of the AAUP, our faculty association and a past president of the association.)The shocking secret of the whole affair was the number on the puck, which almost no Fox media outlet ever actually explained, even though they showed a picture of the special puck. Printed in bold large font, they read "#33395 AUFD" What does that mean? 

Green-House Gas Effect and Global Warming 101

Welcome to a simple experiment in global warming. This experiment class will teach you about the way carbon dioxide causes the earth to get warmer and why the amount of extra carbon dioxide we Humans are making is tweeking that temperature to rise higher. It is not debatable, and as a matter of fact, it is as clear as the Sun, Earth and the Moon. If you believe these three heavenly bodies exist, then you have proof of global warming's link to greenhouse gasses. Why? Read on.... because today is MOONDAY!

Autism. What are the causes? The genetic realities we are learning about today.


For decades, many parents with autistic children have wanted to know why their child has autism and they wanted some thing to blame for the condition. This has lead to vaccines being blamed, which many studies have shown is not true, and even other drugs such as antibiotics.

I previously wrote a blog post on this topic, describing the some of the first new findings of genetic reasons, DNA changes, that impact genes encoding for proteins that are important to the normal function of neurons (neural cells) in our brains. This has come about largely because of our ability to now completely read the entire genomic DNA sequence of a patient. Children with autism, and also the genomic DNA sequences of their parents.

Equifax Data Breach. ONE year ago today. What you can do to keep damage to your identify minimized.

Don't Panic


The #Equifax Data Breach.
Over 140 MILLION persons living in the United States had Equifax loose all their private financial data, including addresses and social security numbers and financial account information.

If you got a notice that you were included in the data loss, then you should visit the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) website to guide you. (Lets not just call it data breach, it was a LOSS of our data.)

Check it out before the current White House does any more work to strip the consumer protection functions of the FTC and other departments. Its still there from 2017, last year. 

Go to the FTC's guide on how to find out if your credit report information was lost by Equifax and what steps you can do to protect yourself. Here is the link, just click:

Crayola Color Recycle Program

You can recycle Crayola markers and other brands using this new program.

Register at the website below. Set up collection boxes at school or work and Crayola pays for the FedEx shipping label to sent the box to them.


CRISPR Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Dogs.

CRISPR Treatment for Duchene Muscular Dystrophy in Dogs.
Delivering DNA editing biochemistry into muscle cells is improving and is now helping Dogs that have the same genetic diseases as humans. CRISPR is one such technology.
This is how animal research helps all animal medicine, "one medicine", not just human medicine.
Appropriate news for the labor day weekend. Thinking about Jerry Lewis.