Xiaomi grows fast as newer Smartphone

Xiaomi Smartphone Sales More Than Triple, as outlined in the Wall Street Journal. See the wsj story at the following link.  http://online.wsj.com/articles/xiaomi-says-it-sold-61-1-million-smartphones-in-2014-1420343590

How is this most valuable startup doing its fast penetration into a competitive market for smartphones? I suspect its main secret is not simply high function at a good price because that exists already. I myself just moved to an Android powered LG Tribute phone that is fast and running the latest version of the Android OS. It was on sale for $39 at Virgin Mobile.
What is Xiaomi also doing? 

I would say they are doing customer service. They use a customized version of Android on their phones and they apparently update this OS frequently based on the requests from their customers. 

Well, fancy that: good customer service. 

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